Central Service Office Committee Members

Chairperson: Steven G
Co-chairperson: open
Secretary: Dan K
Treasurer: Tom B
Elected Committee Member: Lori D
Elected Committee Member: James P
Elected Committee Member: Christina

Treatment Committee: Kevin W.
CSO Workshop: Stu B.

District Committee Members: 
(91) Cliff B.
(93) dark
(95) dark

If you are interested in any of the open committee positions or working with a committee
please contact the CSO Office at (574) 295-8188.

Central Service Office:



Elkhart CSO - 949½ Middlebury Street - Elkhart, Indiana 46516

24 hour phone service: (574) 295-8188

Open: Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 5-7pm; Saturday 11am to 3 pm